Products of İpeker consists of a wide range of qualities including woven, knitted, and jacquard fabrics. İpeker offers flexible production opportunities to all customers by being capable of producing a wide variety of prints and plains in combination with reactive, disperse, acid, indanthrene, dyed over surface applications, eco corrosion, pigment, devore, digital devore, special effect printing, abrasion printing on multi fibers and other printing techniques special to İpeker performed by using film druck (flat-bed), rotation, and digital printing techniques. Same flexibility can also be applied to our plain dyed groups of products.


İpeker is the sole integrated Cupro facility in Turkey; besides, it forms its product group with rayon, viscose, cotton, tencel, modal, linen, polyester, polyamide, and mixtures of them along with stretch versions.


Within the Polyester group, silky GRS certified products are achieved by the continuous fining process with a sustainable approach. All products are manufactured in a manner of ensuring no harm to the environment, animals, and human beings within the requirements of Oeko-Tex 100 standards.


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